Bernadette Dobler

Senior Tax/Audit, Master of Science Business Administration and Economics, tax consultant

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Five questions for Bernadette Dobler

Which areas do you mainly work in?

I focus on the areas of financial accounting, creating corporate and private tax returns and advising start-ups

What problems do you solve for your clients?

I support my clients by fulfilling their tax obligations, undertaking bookkeeping and doing administrative work.

What makes HLB Linn Goppold special?

HLB Linn Goppold has been a reliable and skilful partner for medium-sized companies for more than 60 years in the areas of tax advice, auditing and legal consultation.

Years of experience and our quality orientation make it possible for us to provide personal and extremely competent consulting for very many client groups.

What has been your career path?

I began at HLB Linn Goppold as a work-study trainee during my business studies with a focus on tax and auditing. Since completing my Bachelor’s degree in February 2018, I have worked as an tax and audit assistant at HLB Linn Goppold.

What motivates you in your everyday work?

Seeing that I can help clients in fulfilling their tax obligations and with other concerns.

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