Alexander Scholz

Lawyer, tax law specialist

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Five questions for Alexander Scholz

Which areas do you mainly work in?

My areas of focus include successor advice for corporate and private assets, gift and inheritance tax as well as valuing companies and property assets. In addition, I assist with tax structure questions as well as formal appeals before tax authorities and courts.

What problems do you solve for your clients?

In the area of asset succession, our primary goal is to retain assets and meet the requirements of those involved. I develop complete concepts with our clients which optimise all areas and are coordinated with one another.

Consulting means to me that the ideas and wishes of our clients – either in civil law or tax law – are implemented, and barriers are overcome. The goal of my activity is to recognise problems upstream, and to offer solutions and improvements to clients which can implement these in practice.

As soon as the justified legal tax interests of our clients are not taken into account by the tax authorities, I attempt, through contacting the authorities as soon as possible, to argue for the concerns of our client base as quickly as possible. This early action often prevents conflict early on.

What makes HLB Linn Goppold special?

Close exchange and collaboration between colleagues who are highly qualified in all areas of tax law. There is probably no other medium-sized office which is so far-advanced in IT and technology which can meet the very highest demands.

What has been your career path?

After studying law in Munich and Verona, I completed a clerkship at the Upper State Court in Munich. I worked in legal offices in Munich and abroad during my studies. After my first professional steps as a lawyer in a German-Italian commercial law practice, I joined HLB Linn Goppold in 2015. Thanks to my international activities, I can consult with my clients in English and Italian.

What motivates you in your everyday work?

No issue and no client is the same as any other. I have the constant opportunity in my profession to encounter new things.

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